If you are passing through, have a few hours to rest and you happen to find yourself in Nis, stop by, visit the Nis Tourist Organization Information Center in the Fortress, buy a souvenir, get brochures and a city map, and start a comfortable few hours of sighseeing in a LASTA bus.


Guided tour

- Duration:  5 hours

- Departure 10: AM

- Availability: May / October

- Minimum: Group 30 pax

- It is possible to organize suggested tour for smaller groups and individual guests.



Located in the city center, on the river bank, on the remains of roman military settlement, and later town Naisus. At the beginning of XVIII century, during Ottoman Empire, the Turks have built a fortress.



Located at the exit of the fortress and built on the same spot where once was the residence of Hafiz Pasha.        



Where once was the National Bank of Serbia.



Built in 1889, as a head office of Nis county and hosted Serbian Government and Ministry of foreign affairs. This is where the official war declarion was received by Nikola Pasic , the prime minister of  Serbian Government War declaration was sent from the Government of Austro-Hungarian Empire

Drive through the city, through the old street of Princ Karadjordje, National theatre, The Hall of Justice, I High school in Nish “Stevan Sremac”.


Arrival to the park of ST. SAVA and visit of the church of Constantine the Great and Queen Jelena.

Short cofee break and continuing the tour towards Skull Tower


Arrival to Skull Tower 



Unique monument with built in human sculls. Built by the Turks, built with the heads of Serbs killed during the Cegar battle. The skin, pealed of the heads , was sent to Sultan in Istambul. At first there were 952 sculls, and today there are 58. In 1892, above the scull tower a chapel was erected.

Bus ride to Mediana.



Arheological site, the birthplace of Constantine The Great, well know by Milan edict from the year 313 AC, by which the Christianity was officially.

Mediana will be closed  till September 2013.




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