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            A stay in Nis spanning a couple of days, packed with day trips, is a winning ticket for the tourist in whom modern way of life causes an urge to return to nature and spend spare time relaxing in nature, perhaps taking up an interesting sport. If you choose NIS SURROUNDINGS - FROM PEACE TO ADRENALIN, this will help you get a complete experience of Nis.


Niska Banja

The expected arrival in Niska Banja about 10.00 am... Metting with the guide. Sightseeing and free time for walking until 11.00 am.

Gorge of Sicevo (panoramic tour,bus ride)…was baeutiful attractive 17 kilometer long canyon through which flows the river, with big falls Nisava flow,frequent changes of direction and waterfalls. In the enviroment there is more than 30 monasteries and churches of great historical value, as well as hydropower plants built by Austrians early 20th century, and was one of the first in what was then Serbia. The plant is to shed light on the first house in Nis, at the street of Pobede where today  the name is a commemorative plate. Power plate is still in function. Because of its natural resources, gorge of Sicevo ws declared a Special Natural Reserve….


Entering in a village Sicevo about 11.15am… On the plateau above the gorge of Sicevo, on the right bank of the river Nisava, situated in the pitoresque village of Sicevo which is held every year as a literary colony and art colony estsblished by the 1905. Nadezda Petrovic.

Tour of the settings Monument to the Liberators…. Photo break at the lookout which has a beautiful view of the gorge of Sicevo from a bird's perspective. Visit the basement. Wine tasting (white, red, blackberry) and brandy with the possibility of buying.


About 01.30pm….Visit to the monestery Virginwith a church dedicated to the Presentation of the Virgin of the left banks of the river Nisava.Walk to the monestery about 30 minutes.

Original church was found in the early 14th century by king Milutin and there was a little lower on the right banks of the river Nisava. Turks are often burned and ravended, and was moved to the present, less accessible place. Legend says that the church flew from one place to another. The inscription above the entrance to the nave is now confirmed that the existing temple was built from the ground 1646. and that it was the brothers Simon and Zivko transferred to your hands, stone by stone. Founder was a certain Veselin of which no more data... Turks was ravaged the new monastery.Renewed it in the 1875 Father Petar... During the 2nd war monastery was again destroyed. The last major restoration of the monastery was done in 1921. with the efforts of Abbot Porphyria brotherhood. The monastery is a one-nave church with a semicircular apse at the east and west place. Tample was built of rubble stone and brick.The temple was painted at the beginning 1646. and quite well preserved and beautiful paintings worked greque Gaznadra. The same painting was restored in 1921. icon painter Vasil Rudanovski. The temple is dominated by a cycle of frescues dedicated to the Virgin Holidays-birth, Assumption and other ... It is very interesting and very rare fresco VIRGIN EASTERN ALIVE. Old iconostasis was burned, the existing Russian masters were painted 1928th the chapel is kept nice and large icon Coronation of the Virgin from the 19th century that the Russians were brought from their homeland, greatly appreciated by the faithful around and attributed miraculous properties. Beside the church is a spring whose waters the popular belief has a healing power. This is one of the few monasteries in Nisa  Diocese who is fully preserved despite the Turkish occupation.


Gorge of Jelasnica

About 02.30pm  we go to the village Jelasnica in the homonymous gorge –away from Nis  15km,and from Niska Banja about 3km.

Areas of the natural values of gorge of Jelasnica that have made it one of the area 115.73ha be protected as a nature reserve gorge of Jelasnica  to preserve natural habitats and rare species endemoreliktnih Serbian and Natalijina romondija(Ramonda serbica Pancic, Ramonda Natalia Pancic) 39.mezijskih and 20 Balkan endemic 6 Illyrian and paragraphs and subendemics, and the preservation of special natural value that makes the gorge of Jelasnica with a rich and diverse morphological ornaments that the gorge of Jelasnica provides a very attractive appearance, complemented by specific types of karst erosion, windows, potkopinama, hollows, cavities in rocks.Size, beauty and strangeness of his position, in particular stand out windows Blackberry and St Ilija. The biggest altitude is 580 metars. Radovanski stone or Radov the stone, and the height  and at least 293metars.Beside  pretty interesting rocks and waterfall Ripaljka, as well as the remains of Roman fortifications... Mountain-climbing club from Niš did the climb in natural rock climbing, where possible under the supervision of club members (the interest may be organized climbing).Through the canyon takes you to Bojaninih water, picnic on the mountain Suva, where climbs to the peaks of Trem, Sokolov mosor and stone.

Lunch in the ethnic restaurant in the village Jelašnica

About 05.30pm… end of programs…..Return to  the hotel or continue their journey

dear guests, thank you for your visit and come again




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