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            If, enchanted by the southern Serbian temperament, you would like to experience more and extend your stay, your choice should be NIS THROUGH THE CENTURIES - a program revealing the entire magic of the city on the Nišava river...


08:00 - Breakfast at “Pleasure” restaurant in Bohemian Street “Kazandzijsko sokace”

09:00 - Enjoy a guided walk through the Nis Fortress. The fortifications that exist today date only as far back as the beginning of the 18th century, but the Turkish fortress that survives was built on the same site as earlier fortifications of Roman, Byzantine and Serbian medieval origin.

11:00 - In the back part of the fortress there are studios of the painters and sculptors of Niš, some of them open to the public, or pay a visit to one of the souvenirs or antic shops in the fortress – you may find some of the finest and most original souvenirs of this region.

11:30 - Walking -City center tour. See Banovina building, Nis open market and flowers market, over the Nisava river bridge, to the pedestrian street “Obrenoviceva”.

12:00 - Visit to the National Museum of Niš

13:00 - A wine testing and blending competition is followed by lunch in elegant “Regent Club” restaurant.

15:00 - Continue the sightseeing using our transfer (bus/ van/ car) to complete your idea of the city by seeing the Mediana – a luxurious villa build for Emperor Constantine the Great, who was born in Nis. From Mediana and head toward the Skull Tower.

17:30 - Head towards relaxing afternoon in nearby Spa resort – Nisa Banja, to Wellness and SPA Center

19:30 - Back to Hotel for a quick fresh-up and get ready for a “hot” southern night

20:00 - Taste a Serbian national food at “Sindjelic” restaurant.

*“Sindjelic House” used to be “konak” - an XVIII century typical Serbian house, located in the city center.

23:00 - Walk back to Hotel or take a part of very active nightlife until morning hours!


*Nis is famous for its nightlife – discover the best the city has to offer with this guided pub crawl. Enjoy FREE welcome drinks and skip the queue at every bar & club! The Serbian southern culture is warm, inviting and hospitable. Party until early hours and don't forget to try famous “burek” (cheese or meat pies) in excellent central bakeries. It is typical end to a “Nis night”.

Mediana will be closed  till September 2013.



            Easy Travel is based in Nis, the second biggest town in Serbia. Travel agency is a

member of IATA, YUTA, Serbia Convention Bureau and provides an efficiently run tourist service with licensed guides who speak English and Serbian. Easy Travel guides have a proficient knowledge of the history of Niš and the region and organize a range of private city tours and guided walks, as well as multi-day excursions further into the southeast Serbian countryside. All tours depart from our head office at the pedestrian zone in Nis – Obrenovićeva bb. TC “Gorča” l Our agency can also provide an interpretation service, assist in car hire and booking airline tickets as well as finding the accommodation for you.




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