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            If, enchanted by the southern Serbian temperament, you would like to experience more and extend your stay, your choice should be NIS THROUGH THE CENTURIES - a program revealing the entire magic of the city on the Nišava river...


DAY 1.

08:00 - Breakfast at “Pleasure” restaurant in Bohemian Street “Kazandzijsko sokace”.

09:00 - Transfer to Bubanj and Humska Cuka to discover locations of early Neolitic and Bronze Age artefacts. Enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the city and surroundings.

11:00 - Continue your city sightseeing using our transfer (bus/ van/ car) and discover Naissus – Roman town. Visit Mediana – a luxurious villa build for Emperor Constantine the Great, who was born in Nis.

12:30 - Transfer to Square King Milana Square – once FORUM, remains of Constantin's Basilica MARTIRIUM – and walk to” Obrenoviceva ulica” – at the Roman's time CARDO.

13:00 - A wine testing as Roman's did is followed by “Roman's style” lunch in elegant “Regent Club” restaurant.

15:00 - Visit to the National Museum of Niš

16:00 - Head towards relaxing afternoon in nearby Spa resort – Nisa Banja. Relax in Wellness & SPA center or take a hiking trip with our professional guides.

19:00 - Back to Hotel for a quick fresh-up and get ready for a “hot” southern night!

20:00 - Taste a Serbian national food at “Sindjelic” restaurant.

*“Sindjelic House” used to be “konak” - an XVIII century typical Serbian house, located in the city center.

22:00 - Walk back to Hotel or take a part of very active nightlife until morning hours!


Easy travel Nis at night tour:

- Guided Pub Crawl

- Guide is Serbian and English speaking

- FREE Welcome Cocktail and a Shot at famous „Kazandžijsko sokače“

- Drink Specials during the night (including cheap cocktails,

beer, vodka and shots!)

- Skip the Queues at all the clubs and bars!

- More information on this Break

- The Serbian southern culture is warm, inviting and


-          Party until early hours and don't forget to try famous “burek” (cheese or meat pies) in excellent central bakeries. It is typical end to a “Nis night”.


DAY 2.

08:00 - Breakfast at the hotel

09:00 - Continue the sightseeing using our transfer (bus/ van/ car) to have the idea of the city during the Ottoman Empire by seeing the Skull Tower and Cegar Hill.

12:00 - Enjoy a guided walk through the Nis Fortress.

13:00 - In the back part of the fortress there are studios of the painters and sculptors of Niš, some of them open to the public, or pay a visit to one of the souvenirs or antic shops in the fortress – you may find some of the finest and most original souvenirs of this region.

14:00 - Lunch at the HAMAM – international restaurant situated in Turkish Ammam in the Fortress.

*Enjoy the live entertainment with instrumental music and belly-dancers.

16:00 - Head toward Camp Museum from the Word War II – Nis under Nazi occupation.

17:00 - Transfer to city center. See Commemorative Chapel.

17:30 - And then walk over the Nisava river bridge, to the pedestrian street “Obrenoviceva”.


FREE TIME for your research on the city, parade along the streets and hunt a place in one of many cafes or just enjoy shopping in “Kalca” shopping center.




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