Niska Banja Health Oasis


Niska Banja is located 10 km Southeast from Nis, on the road to Sofia. It is situated under the forest covered Koritnik hill, protected from cold, north winds by Svrljig mountains, and it bathes in the sun from the East and the West throughout the entire year.


Natural, healing factors of Niska Banja are: mild, temperate-continental climate, thermo-mineral water, and natural mineral mud.


Temperate-continental climate with more than 70 hectares of forest,has a soothing effect, and it’s exceptionally favorable in curingand convalescence. With the annual average temperature of 11.7 C,Niska Banja belongs to one of the warmest areas in Serbia.



Niska Banja has 5 mineral water springs: Glavno vrelo, Suva Banja, Skolska cesma, Banjica i Pasjaca. The water is classified as alkaline earth homeotherm (temperature ranging from 36-38 C), slightly mineralized , with the capacity of 56 litres per second. It’s rich in minerals: natrium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, chlorine, as well as in hydrocarbons, sulphates, nitrates, and silicone-dioxide



The healing characteristics of the water are intensified by the increased concentration of radon gas which has a beneficial effect in curing :

  • high blood pressure, heart diseases, rheumatic disorders, fracture healing, respiratory system disorders, nervous system disorders, stomach and intestine disorders and gynecological diseases.


  • Mineral mud is also one of Niska Banja’s natural factors which is obtained from ground tufa, sedimented on the springs, and used in curing rheumatic disorders.



The Institute Niska banja is a modern health, scientific and research institute, employing a large number of outstanding doctors,specialists, PhDs in the field of medical science and other expert staff, possessing excellent medical equipment, necessary for sucessful curing of their patients.


The total accommodation capacity of the Institute counts 560 beds, divided into 3 units: ’’Radon’’, ’’Zelengora’’, and ’’Terme’’. Each of the units is a separate whole with complete therapy blocks.


The Institute also includes 4 clinics and departments: the clinic for rheumatology, cardiovascular diseases, rehabilitation and a department for orthopedic surgery.


The Institute is supplied with modern medical equipment for treatment and diagnostics of cardiovascular and rheumatic diseases, along with the equipment for physical therapy

and modern biochemical laboratory, enabling the quality treatment according to the highest world standards.



Institut za lečenje i rehabilitaciju Niška Banja

Address: Srpskih junaka 2, 18205 Niška Banja

Phone: + 381 18 502-010, + 381 18 502-020,