About Us

Niš Tourist Organization was established in 1995 as a branch of city administration responsible for promoting tourism in Niš and Niška Banja.

Such activities include printing promo materials (guides, tourist maps, posters, CD presentations, postcards, souvenirs, etc.), promoting the tourist offer of Niš and Niška Banja in tourist markets and fairs in the country and abroad and organizing information points and centers.

In addition to participating in fairs, Niš Tourist Organization also organizes the International Tourism Fair, which has for 13 years in a row now gathered numerous national and international presenters in the field of tourism.

Within Niš Tourist Organization there are 3 active tourist information centers, two in Niš and another in Niška Banja.

In information centers you can:

  • get all information related to tourism in the city (accommodation prices in Niš and Niška Banja hotels, working hours and ticket prices for museums, prices of hiring tourist guides for city tours, etc.)
  • get free brochures of Niš and Niška Banja Spa
  • buy postcards of Niš and Niška Banja
  • buy Niš city plan
  • buy books on the tourist sites in the city, archeological finds and historical monuments
  • choose and purchase a Niš souvenir
  • book and pay for a room in private accommodation in Niš and Niška Banja

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