One day sightseeing program (spring/summer/autumn)

In the glory of the Emperor Constantine the Great and his born city of Naisus

Program duration – 4 hours


By coach/on foot: number of tourists – 2 to 18




Sightseeing program, which would cover the whole story of the life and work of Constantine, begins in front of the gate of the ancient fortress of Nis, which the Turks built on the foundations and remains of military fortifications from the Byzantine and Roman periods, and where the remains of a Roman Naissus are visible at every step of the way .

A walk along the fortress park, next to the Roman Lapidarium, a unique exhibition of stone sculpture, located in the center of the fortress. The remains of the Byzantine street, next to Bali bey’s Mosque, the remains of a Roman fortification at the entrance to the fortress. The story of the arrival of the Romans in this area, the expansion of the Empire under Diocletian and the importance of the city of Naissus during this period.

Exiting the fortress across the wooden footbridge on the north side. Great view of the fortress trenches. Visiting the Palace of the Octagon on the city’s field, which archaeologists are saying that was for sure the residence of the Emperor Constantine during his reign in the fourth century.

The rest of the sightseeing is by bus. We depart from the cities field towards Medijana archeological site. A view from the bus at the early Christian church, near the bridge on river Nišava.

Arriving at the archaeological site Medijana - a rich suburb of Naissus. The story of the reign of Emperor Constantine, the war for unification of the empire, the signing of the Edict of Milan and the establishment of a new capital - Constantinople. Back to the coach.


End of program PRICE: 15 EUR

Information: The sightseeing tour is leaded by local tourist guide (English, Serbian speaking)... Excursions which include visits to

archeological sites, long sections on foot or hiking may not be suitable for passengers with disabilities or walking difficulties.

Passengers are requested to wear appropriate clothing for visits to religious sites. - Excursion itinerary and price may be subject to


Price includes:

- a site seeing tour by program, guided by a licensed (English/Serbian speaking) tour guide

- bus transfer according to program

- entering fees for all above mentioned sites (National museum of Nis)

Minimum number of passengers for organizing this program is 2. Should the number decreases for any reason;

TRAVEGO travel agency is free to make correction of the selling price.

Contributing and undivided part of this program are General Travel Terms & Conditions of TRAVEGO travel agency


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