27. International Choir Ceremony

5 - 8 July 2020 Summer stage, Fortress, 20: 30h

International Choir Ceremony, 27th in a row, will be held from 5th to 8th of July at the Summer Stage in Nis, organized by the Cultural Center Nis.

Choirs from Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Republic of Srpska and Serbia suggest a very serious and truly attractive competition program, which is traditionally reserved for the central days of the festival.

More than 400 participants - conductors and singers from different parts of the world will exhibit their talent and skills on the Summer stage - where the official part of the competition, as well as several locations in the city where revue performances will be organized.

You can see the complete festival program at the link: www.nkc.rs

The set of tickets is 500RSD, and can be purchased from 9 am - 15 pm at the Cultural Center Nis, and in front of the “Vilin grad” cinema from 15 pm - 21pm. Individual tickets are 200RSD, but they will be on sale only after the first evening of festival.