Gastro event “Dani bureka” , Nis, Serbia

August 16th – 19th 2018 (Thursday 6.00pm - 00.00am, Friday - Sunday 8.00pm – 00.00am)

Location: Quay near Amphitheater



From 16th to 19th August 2018. the city of Niš will be a host of a manifestation dedicated to the most popular breakfast in Nis - burek. This gastronomic specialty, which may be found in the cuisines of many Balkan countries, that used to be part of the Ottoman Empire, is of special significance to Nis, since the first “round” burek was made here. The history data says that it was made by Istanbul baker Mehmed Oglu in 1489. Since then, in Serbia, the burek is known as a dish made of dough, filled with cheese or meat, made in a round baking tray.

This year, tourists and people from Niš, will have the opportunity to taste burek made by a leading bakers from Nis, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece at this unique tourist and gastronomic event. Also to see the preparation and to taste the biggest burek in the Balkans and to enjoy the interesting musical program.

The organizer of the event is Association of bakers from Nis, with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia, the City Municipality Mediana, Youth Office and the Tourist Organization of Niš.








Thursday, August 16th

  • 00pm - 9.00pm Concert : Band “Oktava” from Greece
  • 00pm – 9.15pm Opening ceremony :  Tourism organisation of Niš, Director Uroš Parlić, City Municipality of Mediana, President Nebojša Kocić, Mayor of Niš, Darko Bulatović
  • 15pm Concert : Band „ Generacija 5“ & Đorđe David

Friday, August 17th

  • 00pm – 9.00pm Children’s Cultural Center
  • 00pm – 9.30pm Tasting of the biggest burek
  • 30pm, Concert Concert : Band “Oktava” from Greece

Saturday, August 18th

  • 30pm – 9.00pm Folklore Ensemble “Vuk Karadžić”
  • 00pm – 9.30pm Competition in preparing the best burek
  • 30pm – 10.00pm Folklore Ensemble “Abrasević” Nis
  • 00pm – 10.30pm Folklore Ensemble „ Nikola Tesla“ Niska Banja
  • 00pm Concert : Band “Oktava” from Greece


Sunday, August 19th

  • 00pm - 9.00pm Concert : Band “Oktava” from Greece
  • 00pm – 11.00pm Concert : Bend “La Kampanela” from Nis
  • 00 pm Closing of the event