Jeep safari

Jeep Safari Programs:
  • SUVA MOUNTAIN OFF ROAD 4×4 is an one day or two days adventure program intended for the lovers of adventure, nature and SUVs. For this program’s performance it’s used a net of former miltary and other roads; the goal of this project is to present the most alluring landscapes of Suva mountain, its history, tradition and culture.
  • SELICEVICA OFF ROAD 4X4 is a one day sports and tourist program of visiting the mountain Selicevica and getting acquainted with the history and culture of this region. The tour includes: the Monastery of Gabrovac, ethnographic collection in Vukmanovo, the highest peak of the mountain Velika Tumba- viewpoint and relay, Roman tombs, a well-known fortification Korvin grad, the Church of St John. Distance: 50-100 km
  • KALAFAT OFF ROAD 4X4 sports and tourist program tour of the region North from Nis. This area represents one of the greatest speleological potentials in the Balkans, a genuine treasury of the natural values and cultural and historical potentials.
  • SVRLJIG MOUNTAINS OFF ROAD 4×4 is a one day or a two day adventure program over the mountain chain composed of : Svrljig, Gulijan and Rinj mountains. The highest point in this range is situated on Gulijan mountain-Zeleni vrh (1.334 m). Svrljig mountains are mostly forested but little researched in the biomorphological sense, but also from the cultural and historical aspect. The area is rich in caves and sinkholes , of which the most famous is Prekonoga cave. The program is conveyed on the former military and other roads and tracks. Distance: 50-100 km.

Sports-recreation organization ’’Safari klub’’
Phone: +381 63 80 90 645