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Niš cuisine represent an unusual combination of Serbian traditional dishes and numerous influences primarily from the East:

  • Burek is one of the most recognizable “eastern specialty”, which took on in this area.The history says that the first round burek in Nis was made by a Constantinople baker MehmedOglu in 1498. Today, burek is recommended by many people from Niš, not only as a tasteful breakfast, but as a medicine against a long night out in a tavern.
  • Rakija(fruit brandy): quince, plum, apple, apricot.
  • Cold starters: ’’Urnebes’’ salad, “moravska” salad , peppers in heavy cream, pihtije (aspic).
  • Warm starters: belmuz (corn flour and cheese), proja (corn bread), cheese pie with homemade crusts, calf’s head stew.
  • Grill specialities: cevapcici (similar to kebab), pljeskavica (burger), smoked pork, stuffed pork, chicken kebab in a bacon wrap, liver in the crust, ,ribs in cream.
  • Dishes in clay pots: beans with ribs, stuffed peppers and vineyard leafs rolls.
  • Dessert: orasnice (with wallnuts), baklava,tulumba (pastry in sweet syrup),’’adžijinmezetluk’’(ice cream with nuts and dry fruit).