• The Fortress – Nis Fortress, the symbol of the city, located downtown on the bank of the river Nisava, is one of the best preserved and most beautiful Ottoman military fortifications in the Middle Balkans.
  • The Skull Tower – A monument unique in the world – the tower made of human skulls, built after the battle for liberation of Nis in 1809.
  • Archeological Site Mediana – Mediana is one of the most important Serbian Late Antiquity archeological sites, built between III and the beginning of IV century. It was constructed during the reign of emperor Constantine the Great and his heirs.


  • Ortodox Chatedral - Nis Cathedral Temple holds a significant place in the history of Serbian architecture. The building of the Church commenced on 18th October 1856. and lasted until 1872. It was sanctified after the liberation from the Ottomans in 1878.
  • Sicevo Gorge represents a fascinating part of the canyon of the Nisava river, located on the road to Sofia, 14km away from Nis.
  • Jelasnica Gorge is a natural rarity located 15km from the city and 3km from NiskaBanja. Located between the villages of Jelasnica and Cukljenik, the gorge offers a few nice locations for camping and picnics. One of them is located at the gorge exit and is equipped with benches for picnickers. Opposite this place there is a marked climbing track. Extreme climbing lovers may try free climbing on the natural rock.

Adventures in surrounding area - Nature was very generous to this city. People have made the most of it and learned to enjoy! If you are curious and crave for adventure, Nis and its surroundings have so many hidden and incredible landscapes that you haven’t encountered so far.

Kafana (Tavern)- When the time for lunch comes , each Nis citizen not only will he recommend you his favourite tavern (kafana), but he’ll take you there. Keep in mind that you can’t get out of kafana that easily, and that’s why you should know a few things:

• The start is intense – the first step is drinking rakija. Even if you don’t drink alcohol, the persuasive hosts will surely make you taste it.
• Don’t exaggerate with cold starter (meze), because after it there comes warm starter, soup, main dish, dessert, coffee, an all these are followed by a lot of booze!

Night life - “Enjoyment has no price” (Merak nema cenu) is a saying that best describes the temperament and the spirit of people from Niš when it comes to having fun. This means that people from Niš are always ready to pay their last penny in a tavern and to greet the dawn if they are carried out by music, company, drinks and atmosphere. The night life in Nis is a unique experience of which you’re going to talk for years, so don’t miss it!


Niš cuisine represent an unusual combination of Serbian traditional dishes and numerous influences primarily from the East.

  • Burek is one of the most recognizable “eastern specialty”, which took on in this area.The history says that the first round burek in Nis was made by a Constantinople baker MehmedOglu in 1498. Today, burek is recommended by many people from Niš, not only as a tasteful breakfast, but as a medicine against a long night out in a tavern.
  • Rakija (fruit brandy): quince, plum, apple, apricot..
  • Cold starters: ’’Urnebes’’ salad,  “moravska” salad , peppers in heavy cream, pihtije (aspic).
  • Warm starters: belmuz (corn flour and cheese), proja (corn bread), cheese pie with homemade crusts, calf’s head stew.
  • Grill specialities: cevapcici (similar to kebab), pljeskavica (burger), smoked pork, stuffed pork, chicken kebab in a bacon wrap, liver in the crust, ,ribs in cream.
  • Dishes in clay pots: beans with ribs, stuffed peppers and vineyard leafs rolls.
  • Dessert: orasnice (with wallnuts), baklava,tulumba (pastry in sweet syrup),’’adžijinmezetluk’’(ice cream with nuts and dry fruit).