Free climbing

Make your first vertical steps, choose your own style and your own rock. Is it going to be bouldering, sports or traditional climbing, natural or artificial rock, it exclusively depends on you!

In Jelasnica and Sicevo gorge there are located unique rocks  fit for free climbing, where numerous trainings and competitions of  this increasingly popular sport  take place.

Jelasnica gorge  is the first climbing ground  in Serbia designated  only for sports climbers. From the first directions established in 1994/95., until today, all have been climbed  and equipped for sports climbing. The sharp, dolomite limestone rock with its whiteness  makes a real contrast to the surrounding verdancy.Because of its microclimate and the orientation of rocks, the best seasons for climbing are spring and autumn.

There are over 200 directions, grading from 4b to 8b (Fr.) and over 250 baulder  problems from 3 A to 7C (Fr.).

Number of directions: 208 (4b-8b Fr.)

Number of baulders: 244 (3A-7C Fr.)

Grades: from 5a to 8b+


Since 2010. Sicevo gorge was designated only for the lovers of traditionl climbing.  After ’’ Naissus route climbing challenge ’04’’, when 20 directions were equipped , sports climbers have start visiting Sicevo. The rock is oriented towards South, so the ideal seasons for climbing are: spring, autumn, and summer winter days.

The rocks of good quality  are formed of limestone. The configuration of the rocks is different, from slabs to strong overhangs and ceilings.  At the moment, there are  14 directions ranging from 6b to 7c+ (Fr.) ;Blocks: NRCC 2010.

Before going to nature  or during winter months, you can test your climbing skills on artificial rocks.

Interesting fact: One of the best sport climbers in the world, Stasa Gejo, was born in 1997. in Nis. She is the member of PAEK Nis, the representative of Serbia,and the champion in many European and world competitions in different disciplines and categories.

For more info visit:

Climbing-expedition club ’’Nis’’

Phone: 018 232 033




Climbing in Sicevo and Jelasnica Gorge with Climbing-expedition club ’Nis’’

Climbing-expedition club ’Nis’’ offers you programs of different  degrees of difficulty:

  • extreme difficult climbing
  • team building programs
  • recreational climbing on easier terrains ( for the beginners)

The programs are conveyed on the natural rocks  of Sicevo and Jelasnica gorge (one or few days programs). The trainers and the members of the team are professionals  in various disciplines  with a long time experience in climbing, acquired  on the terrains all around the world.The club maintains a high quality , certified climbing equipment  of the world famous brands.Many club members are Serbian, European and world champions in climbing.


Note: Possibility of organizing individual programs