Gabrovac monastery


Church of the Holy Trinity or Gabrovac monastery was a popular excursion site of the citizens of Nis before the Second World War, and today is an oasis of spirituality and peace in the vicinity of the town.

Location: 8 km from the centre of Nis, 2 km south of the village Gabrovac,

GPS coordinates : 43o 15'47'' N, 21o 55'32''E



In the surrounding area of Nis, about 2 kilometres south of the village Gabrovac, there is a complex of Gabrovac Monastery with the church of the Holy Trinity. Owing to the merchant, kir Kosta Todorovic from Nis, the temple of the Holy Trinity was built in 1835 on the foundations of the old monastery church Holy Mary, which most probably dates back to the 13th century, During the movement for liberation of Nis from the Ottomans in the period from 1874 to 1877, insurgents kept secret meetings in this monastery and organised insurgents' squads which had fought around the monastery before the Serbian army liberated Nis. After being renewed in 1873, the church was painted with scenes from the Bible with the most striking portraits being the ones of kir Kosta Todorovic, Milos Obilic and Tsar Lazar.