Garni hotel "Vila Salute"

Guest house "Vila Salute" is located in Niš, in a very quiet and well-positioned location not far from the center and entering the city. Its modern design attracts domestic and foreign tourists as well as a business world that can relax in this beautiful ambience and at the same time be in connection with various parts of the city. Pleasant stay is complemented by the professional and friendly staff of the hotel.

The hotel has 2 double, 1 five-bed room, 2 rooms with 2 + 1 (French + single) for 3 people as well as 2 luxury suites with use of balcony, Jacuzzi and free champagne. Guests can use the bar and free on-site parking. The facility has a non-stop reception desk. Each room has free internet access (WiFi) and is equipped with LED latest generation televisions. Pets are allowed in the house.


Address: Dimitrija Tucovica 153, 18000 Nis

Phone: +38118262490

Mobile: +381611678972