Hunting and fishing

 The first traces of hunters’ gatherings  and the beginning of organized  hunting in Nis date from 1895, when the king Aleksandar Obrenovic signed the first Hunting Act 1898.

The hunting  ground ’’Nisava’’ spreads on the total surface  of  59. 424 hectares, of which the hunting productive area  takes over 44.000 hectares. The hunting  ground consists of  plains ( watershed of rivers Nisava and Morava), and highland terrains ( slopes of mountains Jastrebac, Selicevica, Suva, Svrljig and Kalafat).

The hunting ground is abundant in almost all native species of wildlife, of which Poland partridge is the most distinguished, and it can be encountered  on 20.000 hectares, totalling 12.038 individuals for hunting. According to the Ministry’s regulation, Polish partridge  mustn’t be hunted until March 2015. It’s important to note that ’’Nisava’’ hunting ground  is one of the richest  hunting grounds  with this bird in Europe, and its terrains  are famous worldwide. This hunting ground is also  the home of: pheasants, hares, does, wild boars, quails, turtle doves, floats, woodcocks, and many other cultivated species of wild animals.

’’Nis’’ Hunting Association offers woodcock and pheasant  hunting  from its own breeding. The lovers  of pointers find the greatest interest in the training of dogs in catching Polish partridge. The seasons for woodcock and pheasant hunt are from the  beginning of October to the end of December, when the number of these wild animals is sufficient. In the last few years many European and world championships have been held on these grounds.

Hunting Association ’’Nis’’

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Nis and its surroundings  offer the passionate fishermen to enjoy this sport on the rivers Nisava and Morava. The most interesting fishing spots  on Nisava are located in Sicevo gorge, between Nis and Niska Banja, and on Juzna Morava- on confluence  of Toplica  into Juzna Morava. Nisava is rich in: carp, Crucian carps,Prussian carp, European chub, common nase, barbel, gudgeon, catfish, perch and pike, and Juzna Morava in : carp, barbel, pike, perch and bream.