Monastery of Saint Petka Iverica - Sićevačka klisura


The monastery of Saint Petka Iverica is located at the Sićevo Gorge, on the Niš-Sofia road. It was founded in 14th century by monks of the Georgian monastery Iveron from Mount Athos, hence the name Iverica. Present day church was built in 1896, in the Serbian-Byzantine style.

Location: Sicevo Gorge

GPS coordinates : 43o20’12’’ N,  22o7’51’’ E

Phone: +381 18 681141



There are many interesting stories about the church of Saint Petka. An engineering unit of the Serbian army, which worked on a railway and clearing the way through the Sićevo Gorge, received a news that their King Aleksandar I Obrenović nearly lost his life in France. In gratitude to God for the miraculous salvation of the king, the army built the monastery in this place. By a decree of King Aleksandar I Obrenović issued on February 19, 1901, a military priest was ordained as an abbot of the monastery and several years later the monastery was named “Royal Serbian Military Monastery of Saint Petka Iverica”. There is no known example of such a “military monastery” in the history of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The church was built in the Serbian-Byzantine stile, and it has a single-nave base with a semicircular alter apsid.