Monastery of the Holy Virgin - Sićevačka klisura


The monastery of the Holy Virgin is located at the foot of the rocky Kusaca hill in Sicevo gorge. Legends from this area say that there used to be the monastery of the Presentation on the hill on the right bank of the Nišava River, which was destroyed by the Ottomans, and this monastery church was built from remains of the old one in the 17th century. After being destroyed many times, the monastery complex got its present—day appearance in 1875.  There is a miraculous icon of the Holy Mother in this monastery brought by Russian monks after the October Revolution (in 19th century).

Location: Sicevo Gorge

GPS coordinates : 43o19’46”N 22o4’25” E


The interior of the church had been decorated with numerous frescoes, of which the most attractive are the ones with ’’iconographic irregularities’’, such as the fresco of St Andronicus which occupies a place of honour within the church, and behind  it, there hides the image of emperor Andronicus. Another interesting fact is that the icon which presents the Last Supper is set on the western monastery wall, which is not a custom in Orthodox churches.