Where the asphalt stops , mountain biking begins, and all the beauties of nature. Choose between Suva, Svrljig, Selicevica or Kalafat mountains. You can ride for kilometers and not ride the same track twice. Unfortunately,  a great problem that tourists encounter  is the unmarked  cycling tracks, so if you are not acquainted with the terrain, you can only ride the tracks marked for the mountaineers, which are numerous, and they all lead to the highest peaks. However, you’ll stay denied for many transverse tracks which connect or bypass  those major ones. As a rule, the most intriguing beauties are found in the hidden places.



Mountainbiking race „Trofej Konstantin“ , international race in mountain biking, June, 06. 2015 - Niska Banja – Suva planina

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Cycling club Konstantin“

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