This week in Nis

09 Jan 18


-          The Archeological Hall (Nikole Pasica 59), Thuesday – Friday 9am – 7pm, Saturday – Sunday 10am – 5pm, Monday – closed.

-          The Skull Tower (Bulevar dr Zorana Đinšića bb), Monday 10am – 3pm Thuesday – Friday 9am – 7pm, Saturday- Sunday 9am – 5pm.

-          The Concetration Camp from WW2 (Bulevar 12. Februar), Thuesday – Sunday 9am –4pm, Monday – closed.

-          Synagogue Gallery (Davidova 2), from December 28th to mid January, Museum Time Machine - Tuesday - Friday 12am - 6pm, Saturday / Sunday 10am - 3pm, Mondays closed. (Free entry)

-          Archeaological site Mediana is closed during the winter season.

-          Digital Museum closed for visitors in January 2018




-          Cinema "Vilin grad" (Obrenoviceva 19) -

-          Cinema "Cineplexx" (Bulevar Mediana21, STOP SHOP ritejl park)-



-          January, 11th , 6pm, The Puppet Theater (Bulevar dr Zoran DJindjic 7), "How they become good children"

-          January, 14th , 11.30am, The Puppet Theater (Bulevar dr Zoran Djindjic 7), "Alice in wonderland"







-          January 10th , 8pm, hall "Cair" (9th Brigade 10), New Year's Concert of the Naissus Youth Philharmonic Orchestra with soloists, (The tickets can be purchased at the shopping center "Forum" and the bookstore "Nušić" and the prices are: 800RSD, 1000RSD, 1200RSD).
-          January 13th, 8pm, hall "Cair" (9. Brigade 10), Naissus Fest pres. Oliver Huntemann, (you can buy tickets in all WInWin stores or at, the price of the card is from 500rsd to 1300rsd)

-          January 13th, 10pm, Park of ST. Sava, Tropiko band


          -            January 9th , 9pm, Labeerint (Balkanska 2a), The Wild Side Duo

          -            January 9th , 10pm, Taboo Club (Obrenoviceva 20), Creative Party,Dj Marko Đorđevic

          -            January 9th , 10.30pm, Cubo Club (Balkanska 2), The Salsa Nights – Xmas

          -            January 11th , 10pm, Liv Café (Trg Republike), Plyz Only

          -            January 12th , 9pm, Porto Nuovo (Trg kralja Milana), DJ Alex Milosevic

          -            January 12th , 11pm, Feedback (Balkanska), DJ Rashafaray

          -            January 12th , 11pm, Club Troy (Trg kralja Milana), DJ Nemanja Cvetkovic & Friends

          -            January 12th , 11pm, Cubo Club (Balkanska 2), Friday Nights I Sandruno Band

          -            January 12th , 11pm, Club Scena (Sindjelicev Trg), Audio Therapy Neon Edition w/Cyberphunk and Alex Bex

          -            January 12th , 11pm, Liv Café (Trg Republike), Residant DJs nights

          -            January 13th , 9pm, Porto Nuovo (Trg kralja Milana), Pop  Herc Karo Bend, Doček Srpske Nove Godine

          -            January 13th , 10pm, Beer Book (Dušanova 98), Srpska nova Godina, Dionis Bend(entrance 200rsd)

          -            January 13th , 10pm, Taboo Club (Obrenoviceva 20) Doček srpske nove godine

          -            January 13th , 10pm, Cubo Club (Balkanska 2), Doček Pravoslavne Nove Godine

          -            January 13th , 10pm, Café "Pozornica" (Fortress), Audio Theraoy Srpska Nova Godina

          -            January 13th , 10pm, Irish Pub Crazy Horse (Ruđera Boskovica), Doček srpske nove godine

          -            January 13th , 10pm, Preduzeće Splunge (Davidova 9), Boogie Nights

          -            January 13th , 10pm, Feedback (Balkanska), Music 2 Play in the Dark

          -            January 13th , 10pm, Club Troy (Trg kralja Milana), Srpska nova godina & Progressive Band

          -            January 13th , 11pm, Club Vavilon (Nikole Pasica 36), DJ Lukovski #mna

          -            January 13th , 11pm, Process Vipbar (7. Juli 6), Doček Srpske Nove Godine

          -            January 13th , 11pm, Liv Café (Trg Republike), Filthy Kid @ Liv



-          Tavern "Stara Srbija" (Trg republike 12), live music – Friday, Saturday

-          Tavern "Biser" (Koste Stamenkovica 3), live music, every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

-          Tavern "Galija" (Nikole Pasica 35), live music every Saturday

-          Tavern "Meze" (Koste Stamenkovica 3), Aucustic band, live music every Saturday

-          Wine Celler & Restaurant "Malca" (village Malca), live music every Saturday.

In your opinion which event attracts the most tourists in our city?

  • Nisville
  • Nisomnia
  • Filmski susreti
  • Dani bureka