Mountaineering and mountain running


The best way to perceive the beauties of nature is hiking and mountaineering. For such type of activity you don’t have to be a professional, but the benefits are manifold: including both recreation and enjoyment. The only opponent on your way to the top is exclusively you. Keep in mind that the driving force  to the goal is not your body, but your spirit. Learn to enjoy and respect the nature, and you’ll understand how much it can give you.

The mountains in the surroundings of Nis- Suva, Svrljig, Kalafat and Selicevica, except for  the recreation and enjoyment in natural beauty and rarities, will provide you with a possibility to get acquainted  with cultural and historical heritage of this region.

Almost every weekend, mountaineers and lovers of Suva mountain go to a conquest  to some of the most stunning peaks from which one can enjoy the phenomenal view. Except for the most visited  highest peak Trem, the mountaineers often go to  noble Sokolov kamen, rocky Mosor, or they set off for the adventure of overcoming the entire ridge of Suva mountain, diving into numerous sinkholes. From numerous organized actions on Suva mountain , we point out the following: Winter climbing of Trem,  Night climbing of Trem, Autumn  climbing of Sokolov kamen...


Explore Nis by hiking!

Nis itinerary

  • Length of the track: 140 km
  • Total ascent:7.150 m
  • Lowest point: 230 m
  • Highest point: 1.810 m
  • Technical difficulty: 6/10
  • Required time: 58 h ( 12+15+8+15+8)


We recommend the tour  of the following tracks:

  • Selicevica tour: Nis- Velika Tumba- Koritnik ( KT01-KT03)-Length of the track: 31.5 km, ascent 1400 m; descent 1000 m
  • Ridge tour on Suva mountain: Koritnik-Mosor Trem-Sokolov kamen-Passarelo(KT03-KT07)-length of the track: 29 km, ascent: 2.180 m, descent 1.370 m;
  • The best viewpoints: Pasarelo- Divna Gorica- Krupac (KT07-KT08)-length of the track: 22.5 km, ascent 700 m, descent 1.900 m:
  • Svrljig mountains tour: Krupac- Svrljig mountains- Oreovac (KT09-KT011)-length of the track: 29 km,ascent: 2.070 m, descent 1.680 m:
  • Kalafat mountain tour: Oreovac-Kalafat-Kamenica hill- Nis (KT12-KT01)-length of the track: 31 km, ascent 800 m, descent 1.200 m:
  • Towards the highest peak of Suva mountain:

Bojanine vode- Trem 1.809 m-total length of the track: 14 km, height difference: 1.900 m, lowest point: 564 m, highest point: 1.809 m, required time: 6-8 h.

The most frequent choice  of the visitors of Suva mountain is exactly this track leading to the highest peak of Suva mountain- Trem. No matter which season you choose to climb it, it is going to be an exquisite experience, guaranteeing many  great memories.

Interesting fact: In 2010. during the winter climb, there occurred a real drama: a girl climber  encountered a near-death experience when she fell off a 70 m high cliff. She fell in love with her saviour, and they got married at the spot in 2012.

Mountain running

If you’re fed up with running in the city , and you love nature and mountains, mountain running is the right choice for you. Running off the asphalt roads, on the hilly terrain will give equal pleasure  both to ordinary people who enjoy nature, and athletes who crave  for a new challenge.

Sokolov put trail is one of the most demanding mountain tracks on Suva mountain, and its designated  for the lovers of mountain running.

The trail is 22 km long with a height difference of  2.169 m. It starts at the foot of Suva mountain-in Niska Banja, and the goal is the peak Trem (1.809 m). From Niska Banja, over the highest peaks of Suva mountain- Koritnik ( 650 m), Crni kamen ( 867 m), Mosor (984 m), Sokolov kamen ( 1.523 m), Devojacki grob ( 1.311 m), Sokolov put takes you to the highest peak of the mountain.




Sky race „Falcon’s trail” (“Sokolov put”), Nis, May 01. 2015. „Falcon’s trail 2014”  was probably the most beautiful and the most popular mountain race in 2014 in Serbia. This fantastic course takes you from Niska Banja across Koritnik, Crni kamen, Mosor, Sokolov kamen to Suva planina (Suva Mountain) summit – Trem (1810). This is one of the most difficult one day routs in Serbia, with definitely highest vertical assent, with beautiful viewpoints along the Suva ridge. For this reason, for this year’s  race 300 participants from Serbia and abroad signed up ( 173 runners and 127 mountaineers).

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Mountaineering Association of the City of Nis

Phone: 018 515 607



Mountaineering club ’’ Mosor’’

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Mountaineering club ’’ Zeleznicar’’

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PARK ’’ Nature’’

Phone: 069 20 10 180




Mountaineering club ’’Kalafat’’

Phone: 062 818 22 86



Mountaineering club ’’Suva planina’’

Phone: 069 423 09 68


Climbing club ’’Naissus’’

Phone: 062 313 989



ACE adventure centre

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Phone: 018 247 287, 064 24 76 311

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