First flight from Nis to Berlin with Irish low cost airline “Ryanair”

06 Sep 16

On 4th September 2016, starting with ceremonial passing through the water curtain, first “Ryanair” airplain flew from Nis airport “Constantine The Great”  to Berlin.  Nis and Serbia became a part of the network of this low cost airline company, which fligts in 32 countries all over the world. Passingers can travel from Nis to Berlin twice a week, Tuesdays and Sundays , and a ticket price starts from 9,9 Eur. After this first line to Berlin, “Ryanair”plans to start a new lines to Dusseldorf (Germany) , Bratislava (Slovakia) and Milan (Italy) during the winter season . “Ryanair”is the second lowbudget airline company that has departures from Nis, besides “Wizzair”.


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