Saban Bajramovic monument


A monument to saban Bajramovic, a well-known Romani composer and singer born in Niš, is located at the top of the amphitheater at the Nišava quay. It is a bronze life-size statue made by Niš sculptor Vlada Ašanin and it was placed there in 2010, on the day of the beginning of the “Nišville Jazz Festival”.

LOCATION: Kej 29. decembar (at the top of the amphitheater at the Nišava quay )


About the impact that Saban Bajramovic had on the music world speaks the fact that the American Time magazine put him on the list of the ten most influential blues singers in the world. He left behind more than 700 songs and 20 albums, and the song “Gelem, Gelem” in his interpretation was chosen as the official anthem of all Romani.