Sicevo Gorge


Between the norther slopes of Suva Planina and the southern slopes of Svrljig mountains, the Nišava River has cut the wonderful Sićevo Gorge. The gorge is an impressive part of the Nišava basin, 17 km long. The Sicevo Gorge is a real heaven for all lovers of untouched nature, rafting, alpinism, mountaineering and paragliding.



Having in mind numerous natural beauties and rare flora available only here, in 2000. the authorities proclaimed Sicevo Gorge a Special nature reserve. On the cliffs of the Sicevo Gorge one of the last pairs of golden eagle (Aquilla chrysaetos) nests, as well as one of the largest owl in the world, the Eurasian eagle-owl (Bubo bubo) and 32 rare bird species. Besides the birds, many endemic and relict species find their habitat here. Sage also grows in the gorge, which is one of the oldest healing herbs that grows only in Mediterranean climate.



Sićevo Gorge is located on an international road from Niš to Sofia, 14 km away from Niš.



Bus no 18 , Nis - Sicevo (Bus station for local bus lines, near the main bus station , Djuke Dinic Street)



- St. Mother of God Monastery -  on the main road to Sofia ( )

- The Church of St. Petka  - in the nearby village of Ostrovica

( )

- Hydroelectric power plant “Sveta Petka” is located in the gorge, and it  was designed by Nikola Tesla and Đorđe Stanojević. It was started up in 1908 and is still used today to provide Niš with electricity, and since 2014 it has been a part of a tourist tour “Nikola Tesla Ways” and has been open for public (Please make an appointment before visit: +381 64 831 3353)

- View point at the Sicevo village – when you go to the end of the Sicevo village (next to the football playground) you will discover the best view on the Sicevo Gorge and the best place for selfie photo in this area.



-Trekking, hiking, free climbing, mountaineering, kayaking … - Nature travel office (Contact:, +381 69 20 10 180, +381 69 445 35 45)

- Paragliding - A paragliding trail Sićevo is one of the best terrains in Europe when it comes to its climate and geographic conditions. (Contact : Paragliding club Grunf + 381 64 1583131, + 381 64 5604913,, )

- Rafting – Safari club  (Contact: , + 381 63 33620)