Stambol House


Due to its turbulent history and geographic location, Niš has become a real treasury of architectural styles, presenting a mix of influences. Stambolija House represents yet another monument from the period of Ottoman rule over this area.

LOCATION: Nikole Pasica 36


From the preserved records, we learn that the construction was begun by a Turk, Ahmet Memetović in 1875, who sold the unfinished house to a well-known merchant from Niš, Todor Stanković – Stambolija for 25 golden liras. The nickname of the new owner, who got it because of his commercial relations with Istanbul, gave the name to the house – “Stambolija House“. This building belongs to the profane Balkan architecture style and it was built as a lavish city residence house with more than 10 rooms.


Today, Stambolija house is an ethno restaurant  called “Stamboljiski”.