To taste in Nis

Niš cuisine represent an unusual combination of Serbian traditional dishes and numerous influences primarily from the East.


BUREK is one of the most recognizable “eastern specialty”, which took on in this area. The history says that the first round burek in Nis was made by a Constantinople baker Mehmed Oglu  in 1498. Today, burek is recommended by many people from Niš, not only as a tasteful breakfast, but as a medicine against a long night out in a tavern.


RAKIJA (fruit brandy): quince, plum, apple, apricot.


COLD STARTERS: ’’urnebes’’ salad,  peppers in heavy cream, pihtije (aspic), white cheese, beef prosciutto


WARM STARTERS: belmuz (corn flour and cheese), proja (corn bread), homemade pie, battered pepper, battered brains, battered tripes, calf’s head stew, calf’s tails stew, baked beans, Nis kavurma, lamb sarma wraps, stuffed vine leaves


SOUPS:  veal, lamb, or tripes soup


GRILL SPECIALITIES: cevapcici (similar to kebab), pljeskavica (burger), smoked chitterlings , smoked pork, stuffed pork, chicken kebab in a bacon wrap, liver in the crust, ,ribs in cream


DISHES IN CLAY POTS: beans with ribs, stuffed peppers and vineyard leafs rolls


DESSERT: orasnice (with wallnuts), baklava, tulumba (pastry  in sweet syrup),’’adžijin mezetluk’’(ice cream with nuts and dry fruit).